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7 interesting characteristics and facts about Golden Retrievers!

It is not a revelation that Golden Retrievers are among the favourite breeds. People simply cannot resist their eternally irritated character, as well as...
Shy Dog

15 Amazing Reasons to Be a Friend Witha a Golden Retriever!

The main characteristic of this breed is the excellent character and unique ability to learn new skills. For this reason, golden retrievers become excellent...
Human Habits That Confuse Dogs

5 Human Habits That Confuse Dogs

Human Habits That Confuse Dogs - There are some human habits that are sure to confuse dogs, especially while they are still puppies. The reason...
Dog Breeds Latin America

Five Less Known Dog Breeds From Latin America

Do you know which dog breeds are the least popular? When we think of Latinx culture, we don’t typically think of pets as the...
Dogs Chase Cars

Why Do Dogs Chase Cars?

Why Do Dogs Chase Cars? Do they see anything threatening in them? Why are they barking at them? Do they see living creatures in...
Athletic Dog Breeds

5 Most Athletic Dog Breeds

All dogs enjoy walking, running and playing, but some breeds are still known to be bigger athletes than others. We have learned for you...
Dog Breeds don't smell

Dog Breeds That Don’t Smell or Stink

Who are the dog breeds that don't Smell? Those who have a dog know how great that love for them is. Our favorite tufts...
Dogs Don’t Shed

Top 30 Dogs that Don’t Shed

Which breed of dogs don’t shed? Anyone with a dog who sheds too much knows how hard is to handle a dog's hair can...
Bracco Italiano

Bracco Italiano

Bracco Italiano also is known as the Italian pointer is an ancient breed, and is recorded by the fact that it was mentioned in...
Pharaoh Hound

Pharaoh Hound

The dilemma of whether the Pharaoh Hound 's origin originated in Egypt or Malta is eternal. However, this breed of dog looks so elegant...