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Human Habits That Confuse Dogs

5 Human Habits That Confuse Dogs

Human Habits That Confuse Dogs - There are some human habits that are sure to confuse dogs, especially while they are still puppies. The reason...

Can dogs eat sushi?

If you like foreign cuisine, especially Japanese, you probably like sushi. It is one of our favourite dishes, so we asked ourselves, "Can dogs...
Dog Parks

5 human emotions are expressed by dogs as well!

Dogs have the ability to feel almost everything that humans feel. They can feel sadness, happiness, fear, shyness, etc. What they do not feel...
Dogs Don’t Shed

What are Achondroplastic Dogs?

What are Achondroplastic Dogs? Small size dogs come with many compact advantages - but they also have a few problems that come with small...

Everything You Need to Know About Sleep Disorders in Dogs

Are you dog suffers from some Sleep Disorders? We have learned their constant activity, wagging their tails, eternal desire to play, or go out....

Dog Speak : If Your Dog Could Talk, What Would He Say?

The dog cannot speak, but his behaviour contains an established system of signs by which he tries to convey a clear message to the...
dog digging

Digging Holes is a Favourite Dog Habit

Your dog digging holes ? If you see holes in the yard it can be a message to you that your dog is afraid...
Dogs Napoleon Syndrome

Does Small Dogs have Napoleon Syndrome?

Does Small Dogs have Napoleon Syndrome? Symptoms of small dog syndrome include disobedience to commands, an attempt to take over the events in the...
dogs eat horse meat

Can dogs eat horse meat?

Should dogs eat horse meat? Proponents of this food in the pet bowl claim that it is high-quality nutritional value meat. Still, a good...
happy dog

How to Make Your Dog Feel Happy

When your dog becomes depressed and unhappy, you as the owner should try to change his mood. The owner is the one who has...