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15 Tips From French Bulldog Owners

If you decide to get a puppy, firstly you need to know that is not something you should take lightly. All dogs require a...
facts French bulldogs

Interesting facts about French bulldogs

The irresistible French charmers took the high place on the list of the most popular dogs in America. In that name, we present you...
English Bulldog

Exclusive Interview About English Bulldog with Mr. Rahul Vashisth

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers? Hello, My Name is Rahul Vashisth from India Electronics engineer by qualification. Now fulltime passionate dog lover...
English Bulldog

English Bulldog

The English Bulldog is one of the most famous dogs in the world that likes to be petted and one of the laziest breeds...

Meet Cherie – The Surfing French Bulldog

In French, the name Cherie means “dear one” or “darling.” For Cherie Nykolayko, a blue-fawn pied French Bulldog, the name couldn't be more perfect. That’s because the...
how to train a puppy

How to understand them better?

There is no way to understand why other dogs in the park react to your tame and sweet pet quite hostilely. You are probably...
Dogs Don’t Shed

What are Achondroplastic Dogs?

What are Achondroplastic Dogs? Small size dogs come with many compact advantages - but they also have a few problems that come with small...

Everything You Need to Know About Sleep Disorders in Dogs

Are you dog suffers from some Sleep Disorders? We have learned their constant activity, wagging their tails, eternal desire to play, or go out....
Dog Snoring

Heart Failure in Dogs

Owners usually notice that their dog occasionally coughs, has difficulty breathing, eats less, and gets tired quickly. Occasionally there is swelling of the abdomen...
dog eat grass

Bite Wounds in Dogs

Sometimes already in puppies from eight weeks we see that the growth of the upper and lower jaw is not proper. Thus, it can...